Thick Hand Made 100% Pure Wool Felt

by the yard or squares

colors of our thick handmade 100% wool felt

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Swatch card recommended for exact color matching, available at bottom of the page.
  • averages 1/8" (2-4 mm) thick felt 100% wool felt

  • lighter and more porous in texture than commercially made felt

  • Colors available in approximately 12" x 12" square pieces or square yard (36" x36")

  • Color note: hand dyed felts will vary in color and thickness, part of the beauty of an artisan product.

  • click for wool felt care instructions

Is the wool felt you are buying 100% wool?
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#490 - approx. 12" x 12" square - $4.25

#490L - one square yard - $36.95

Handmade 100% Wool Felt - Swatch Card

Small color pieces of all thick wool felt colors on a 5" X 8" card.

Swatch cards ordered by themselves are shipped for free.

Item # - 490-SW - $4.45