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CLOSEOUT SALE: 70% Wool 30% Rayon Wool Blend Felt

by the yard or sheets.

color spread of 70% wool craft felt
color spread of 70% wool craft felt color spread of 70% wool craft felt

Click for information why wool felt colors may not appear accurately online.
Swatch card recommended for exact color matching, available at bottom of the page.

  • CLOSEOUT SALES ARE FINAL, Please order carefully.

  • YARDAGE QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED. If you order more than what is felt in stock, we will adjust your order and send you what is left in stock.

  • Slightly thicker and stiffer than the 100% wool felt.

  • 1/16 inch thick, 9 oz per linear yard weight (36x36).

  • Free of any harmful or toxic chemicals.

  • Made in the USA.

  • click for wool felt care instructions

#470C - 9" x 12" pieces - $1.85 CLOSEOUT price $1.29

#470A - by the yard - (36" wide) - $16.95 per yard CLOSEOUT price $11.85

70% Wool Craft Felt Scrap bag

Small pieces of 70% wool craft weight colors, from just a few inches square to slightly larger. Ten colors, mostly the darker hues, great for smaller projects. Equivalent weight about six 9x12 sheets. Quantities limited.

SALE! - 470-SC - $2.95