Wet Felting Starter Kits

Includes core fiber, lovely roving colors, supplies and tools.

wet felting starter set
Sets contain everything you'll need to make a number of wet felted wool projects:
  • 4 oz core fiber

  • your choice of EcoSoft wool color assortments (shown with 6 vibrant colors set)

  • 11" x 18" wet felting mat
  • Felting instruction sheet
#600-wet - Wet Felting Starter Kit - Starting at $12.95

4 oz Core Fiber INCLUDED

11" x 18" Wet Felting Mat INCLUDED

Wet Felting Instruction Sheet INCLUDED

Select Wool Assortment for Kit

(Prices are for whole kit)


Felting Mini Starter Kit

Mini Wet Felting Starter Set - $7.95

Wet felting MINI SET: (Not shown) Two ounces of core fiber, 1/2 oz. each of 2 colors of EcoSoft wool, instructional sheet, and a smaller wet felting pad.

Please select colors.

Item # - 600-wet-M - priced below