Waldorf Doll Making Supplies

Cloth for doll skin, yarn for doll hair, threads, head tubing, , wool stuffing, doll patterns and instructions

All the materials you need to make Waldorf Dolls!

Our selection of doll skin fabrics, doll hair yarns, waldorf doll patterns, wool stuffing, threads, tools and more are hand-picked for making Waldorf dolls.

Doll Skin Fabrics

cotton knit doll skin fabric

Doll skin fabrics, cotton velour, cotton flannel

Silkscreened Doll Bodies

pre-sewn doll body

Doll body patterns printed on fabric

Yarns for Doll Hair

mohair yarn for doll hair

Mohair, boucle, worsted weight yarns for doll hair

Cotton Inner Head Tubing

cotton tubing for doll heads

Cotton tubing to make Waldorf doll heads

Wool Stuffing

wool-stuffing for dolls

Fill your dolls with premium wool!

Waldorf Doll Patterns

doll pattern for traditional Waldorf dolls

Traditional Waldorf dolls, button jointed dolls, knitted dolls and more

Threads and Buttons

cotton thread for sewing

Sewing threads, craft threads and buttons

Doll Making Tools

a pair of bamboo knitting needles

Sewing needles, knitting needles, thimbles and spools

Cotton Plush Velour

stack of cotton velour fat quarters

Plush and rich fabric with a stretchy knit backing

Brushed Cotton Flannel

stack of cotton flannel fat quarters

Soft flannel in solids and small prints for dolls

100% Wool Craft Felt

craft weight 100% wool felt colors

Dozens of colors of 100% wool felt

Cotton Pipe Cleaners

cotton pipe cleaners

Cotton wrapped cleaners for wire and table doll armatures