Dragonsfly Hollow

Dragonflys Hollow Materials Kits: Imp

Materials kits to make Dragonflys Hollow designs. Choose hair and skin options.


Exclusive Dragonflys Hollow Doll makes an 16" doll.

MATERIALS KIT INCLUDES: Materials for 1 doll:
Premium Doll skin fabric
1/2 pound wool batt
2 yds wool roving
1 yd cotton stockinette
matching threads, string for soft sculpturing head, embroidery floss for facial features

Optional: hair weft or yarn and doll making needles.

YOU WILL NEED: Pattern (sold by Dragonflys Hollow).
Doll Making needles (available below) and general sewing tools. Sewing machine recommended.
#95B - Imp Doll Materials Kit - $25.95

STEP 1: Select Skin Color

Select Skin Color

STEP 2: Select Hair Type and Color

Would you like a Weft for hair?

PLEASE NOTE: weft hair is the same hair shown. Choose your own color or buy a natural weft and dye your own.
Wefts: curly and straight
straight and curly mohair wefts

      Mohair Wefts: add $25.00.
one weft will complete your doll.

Would you like to hand dye yarn hair?

PLEASE NOTE: These yarns are for the curly and dread style hair.
dread style hair

boucle style hair

Would you like Yarn for hair?

PLEASE NOTE: The hair in the picture is a weft hair. You can also choose one of the yarns below instead for a different look.
Close-ups of Yarn Fibers
mohair, boucle, one-ply and organic worsted yarn comparison

      Mohair Yarns: add $13.95

      Boucle Yarns: add $14.25

      One-Ply Yarns: add $11.95

STEP 3: Doll Making Tools

Do you need doll making needles?

Do you need ball point hand sewing needles?

Do you need ball point machine needles?
Ball point needles are needed to avoid holes along the machine sewn seams.