Waldorf Doll Skin Fabric

Cotton Knit Fabric, Cotton Velour, China Silks, Cotton Flannel

A lovely selection of the top quality fabrics you've been looking for to make Waldorf and other cloth dolls. Skin tone knitted fabrics are all milled in the USA for us, supporting USA craftsmen at prices less than half than the same fabric bought from the EU. Doll skin tones are complemented by soft, cotton plush velour and brushed cotton flannels so you can sew lots of different kinds of dolls for that special child.

Cotton Knit Doll Skin Fabric

knit cotton doll skin fabric

100% Cotton in five skin colors for dolls

SALE! Organic Knit Doll Skin Fabric

organic knit cotton doll skin fabric

stock up 20% off certified organic cotton

Premium Knit Doll Skin

premium knit cotton doll skin fabric

heavy weight cotton knit milled in the USA

Cotton Plush Velour

cotton plush velour fabric

cotton plush velour in many colors

Brushed Cotton Flannel

cotton flannel fabric

soft flannels in pastel prints and solids

China Silks

china silk fabric

silk in rainbow colors

Woven Doll Skin Fabric

woven cotton doll skin fabric

cotton broadcloth in skin colors

Discount Doll Skin Fabric

knit cotton doll skin fabric

buy in bulk and save